Certified Organic

1. What Is Certified Organic?

  • bwsealKnow what the seal means: USDA organic
    • The USDA seal is used on food and agricultural products.. If a product carries the USDA Seal then you can be assured it has been certified through a Third Party and has met the National Organic Program (NOP)
    • For more information on the NOP please visit their web site, www.ams.usda.gov/nop. Morning Myst Botanics is Certified by Washington State Department of Agriculture

2. Body Care Products:

  • There are a few body care products that have passed the rigors of the NOP and therefore carry the USDA seal. These products are Certified Organic in the true meaning of the word. Please support these companies. Unless the body care product carries the USDA Seal it is unlikely that it is truly an organic product. At this time the personal care industry is not regulated by the NOP so is allowed to use the term “organic” without following the regulations of the NOP.

3. Our products are Certified Organic:

  • We are both certified Producers (Growers) and Processors. Unless specified otherwise all of our products are certified organic, and follow the NOP rules.