About Us

Morning Myst Botanics

Our farm and stills are nestled in the Columbia River valley, just minutes away from the Canadian border in the North Eastern corner of Washington State. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and wildlife we care for our herbs and share them with you. We have hot and dry summers with cold winters creating a unique environment for aromatic herbs that develop intense aromatic hydrosols and essential oils.

We are certified organic by Washington State Dept. of Agriculture. Our herbs are grown on our farm and other certified organic farms nearby that we have grow our amazing and diverse products. You can read more about the farms we work with by visiting the “Our Growers” page.

Every hydrosol we produce is a small batch and is purposefully processed for the hydrosol. Each handcrafted hydrosol is distilled on our beautiful copper alembic stills using centuries-old, tried and true methods to produce a quality product you won’t find on commercial farms or as an essential oil byproduct. We only use fresh plant material in our distillations and most if not all of our plant material is harvested by hand. You find our exquisite and vibrant hydrosols shine with the care and nuance of all the labor and love we put into them.

We want to give special thanks to Ann Harman for creating Morning Myst Botanics from her own great passion of plants and hydrosols and being willing to share it so generously with our family. We are forever thankful to be a part of your work, Ann!